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Maritime & Offshore Security Guards & Screening Officers Awareness Course

Course Duration

4 hours - In-house Training only

Course Objectives

  • Understand the background to Australian's Maritime Transport & Offshore Facilities Security Regulations and the ISPS Code
  • Identify maritime & offshore security threats and responses
  • Know the principles of maritime security under federal regulations
  • Enhance awareness of the responsibilities of the Ships, Ports, Port & Offshore Facilities, Port & Offshore Service Providers & other Maritime & Offshore Industry Participants
  • Understand shared maritime security obligations
  • Achieve a clear understanding of personal responsibility 

Maritime Security Guards & Screening Officers must demonstrate knowledge and understanding of Australia's Maritime Transport & Offshore Facilities Security Act 2003 and regulations.

This course adds to a core competencies by providing the required knowledge and understanding in accordance with MT & OFS Regs 8.5 (c), 8.55 (1)(b) & 8.60 (d).

Security companies and personnel who fail to comply or take certain required actions may commit offences of strict liability under Section 6.1 of the Criminal Code!