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ISM Auditing

Ferriby Marine Consultants currently has a 100% success rate in assisting Companies with IMO’s ISM Code for the Safe Operation of the Ships and Pollution Prevention. Ferriby Marine have fully qualified Auditors who have sea going and shore side experience to ensure you receive the best Quality Audit possible. Captain Graham Botterill who was very influential in the creation of the ISM Code and has distilled his knowledge and importance of ISM into the Audit Teams has trained all of our Auditors. Ferriby Marine can help whether it is a Company Initial DOC audit, a Vessel initial SMC Audit or just annual verification.

CMID Inspections

Common Marine Inspection (CMI) audits are an Industry Standard for Safety and Suitability Surveys designed to reduce the disruption to the Vessel operations. Ferriby Marine are a registered IMCA Inspection Organisation and carry out the Inspections with Worldwide coverage. We will provide you with a fully documented report with pictures and clear audit finding as well as give assistance with the successful close out of audit findings.

For surveys on a fleet basis, Ferriby Marine will maintain a database of your vessels, with expected survey frequency and will advise you one month in advance of survey dates to assist you with planning and to facilitate vessel availability.

On / Off Hire Surveys

Ferriby marine offer third party verification of a vessels condition and a detailed breakdown of consumables on board at the time of commencing and ending the charter.

Ferriby Marine will acts as Owners, Operators, Managers third party Representative at the on or off hire survey of the vessel. Ferriby Marine will create a comprehensive documented report including on/off hire certificate to your requirements and can add additional items to the inspections if required.