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Port, Port Facility & Port Service Provider Security Officer (Refresher) Course

Course Content

Course Duration

2 Days

Course Objectives

  • The ISPS Code - implementation lessons learned since 2004;
  • Review of amendments to SOLAS, the ISPS Code, Legislation and Regulations;
  • Discussion - "Building effective port-wide working arrangements and relationships";
  • Discussion - "Consistency in ISPS Code implementation at a port level";
  • Maritime & offshore security decision making under pressure;
  • Review of experience with training, drills, exercises and audits;
  • Access control for ships, ports, port and offshore facilities, security zones;
  • Security assessments: good practice and mandatory requirements;
  • Security plans - maintenance, review, amendments ("variations" or "revisions");
  • Maritime security levels, responding to security threats and directions - chains of command issues;
  • Discussion - "Does your security plan merely comply or will it really save lives?"
  • Correct usage of the "Declaration of Security";
  • Best practice security evaluations;
  • Security incident & Event reporting obligations, penalties;
  • Harmonizing security procedures with safety management systems;
  • Maintaining security awareness and vigilance culture;
  • Tips for developing desktop exercises

Course Details

Starts:Tue 1st May 2018

Duration:Two day course



Price:A$ 1325 + GST

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