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Ferriby Marine Australia undertakes audits for GasLog LNG

Methane 1
Closing meeting

The Queensland Curtis LNG plant on Curtis Island in Gladstone Harbour has begun exporting LNG to Asian destinations in recent months. 

GasLog LNG Ltd has been running a number of LNG Carriers to the terminal to load export cargoes.  Ferriby Marine Australia has been chosen by GasLog LNG to undertake internal audits covering a range of procedures including navigational, ISPS, ISM Code, Quality, Safety and Environmental.

Ferriby Marine Australia is fortunate in having the services of experienced auditors, including Brian Johnson and Peter Hinksman to carry out these audits as both are former mariners; Brian a Chief Engineer and Peter a ship’s Master, and have both worked together on LPG ships. Steve Mullins (ex Navy Officer) has also assisted with audits, and so far audits have been successfully completed on the Methane Lydon Volney, the Gaslog Skagen, and the Methane Julia Louise.




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