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ISO 9001:2015 - Are you ready!?

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ISO 9001, the World’s most utilised standard is due to be released in the 3rd Quarter of 2015 and is set to affect millions of people.

The alterations which have been put forward in the Draft Versions (CD & DIS) have shown substantial alterations to both the structure as well as the fundamental principals behind 9001. Although the final draft version is not due to be released until September 2015, the possible alterations (which are unlikely to be altered) indicate that this update to the Standard will affect all businesses and personnel which are involved or connected to 9001 Management System (including suppliers of these businesses) at varying levels.

Some of the proposed changes in the updated standard include:

  • New formatting of the Standard against Annex SL
  • Removal of the Management Representative role
  • Identification and management of Interested Parties
  • Removal of the preventive action principal
  • Addition of risk based assessment of opportunities
  • Reduction of Quality Principles from 7 to 8

So how will it affect your Organisation and you?

It is likely that you and your Organisation will have to:

  • Purchase a copy of the updated Standard
  • Conduct a gap analysis/impact assessment against 9001:2015
  • Alter the Management System to meet new requirements
  • Train staff in new 9001:2015 requirements as well as new Management System procedures/controls
  • Train and update existing auditors with relevant knowledge about 9001:2015.

To make sure that your Company keeps up with the development of the 9001 update and how it will affect your Company, keep reviewing this website for updates.

Ferriby Marine will also be offering assistance in training and consultancy work for Companies as the implementation/transition dates approach.

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