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ISO 28000:2007 Supply Chain Management Systems Implementation & Auditor

Course Duration

5 Days

Course Objectives

  • Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the ISO 28000 series of International Standards for Supply Chain Management Systems.
  • Security Assessments of freight terminals, IT systems and means of transport including Risk Assessment.
  • Writing Supply Chain Security Plans and associated Manuals.
  • Auditing and Verification of Security Plans for Compliance.
  • Developing Measures to counter breaches of security..
  • Advice on Access Control Measures to freight terminals and means of transport
  • Conducting training, drills and exercises in supply chain regimes.
  • Security Drills and Exercises.
  • Ongoing security advice and training to supply chain organizations.
  • Training Security Managers, other management and personnel relevant to the security of the supply chain including stakeholders.
  • Audit and Auditor Training to Lead Auditor Standard
  • Knowledge and understanding of the ISO 28000 Standards certification process.